Universal Eyes Matt Damon's Salesman Movie; Ben Affleck Hires a Writer for 'The Stand'

Universal Eyes Matt Damon's Salesman Movie; Ben Affleck Hires a Writer for 'The Stand'

Jan 19, 2012

The Stand cover artIf you’ve been wondering what’s up in the worlds of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, then today is your lucky day. The dynamic duo, who’ve become almost inextricably linked over the years, are both in the news this morning – albeit for different reasons.

Last we heard, Damon had dropped his plan to make his directorial debut with an untitled film about a small town salesman. The project was based on a Dave Eggers script that Damon and John Krasinski had rewritten, but apparently some issues with that rewrite inspired Damon to bow out. Gus Van Sant had stepped in to direct (Damon was still set to play the salesman), but Warner Bros. has backed out of the project.

While that would probably be the end of the line for most films, such is not the case with this feature. Universal has stepped in and offered to back the $15 million film, presumably paving the way for Damon to return to the Bourne franchise. If the deal goes through as expected, shooting on the untitled salesman film should commence in April or May.

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck is hard at work developing his big-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s apocalyptic novel The Stand. Affleck landed the gig for Warner Bros. a few months back, but the latest news is that he’s hired screenwriter David Kajganich to write the screenplay.

Kajganich is no stranger to adapting King material, as he’s the scribe responsible for the script for a feature film version of the author’s novel It. That piece of writing so impressed Warners that Kajganich became a frontrunner for this job – which also requires taking a mammoth novel (the author’s complete version stretches over a thousand pages) and breaking it down for the screen. The Harry Potter duo of Steve Kloves and David Yates were set to tackle the project prior to Affleck’s involvement, but walked away because they didn’t feel they could do the material justice in the span of one or two feature films. Kajganich and Affleck certainly have their work cut out for them. 

[via Vulture]

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