International Trailer Domination Tour: The World's a Sexy Place

International Trailer Domination Tour: The World's a Sexy Place

Aug 12, 2011

Twitch Film and once again present the International Trailer Domination Tour, a selection of the best trailers from upcoming international films. In this edition we’ve got Rashomon remade as a Thai supernatural period piece, Russian action, a giant penis statue, dancing fairytale creatures and a grim UK arthouse festival hit.

1. To Pieces by Roman Karimov, Russia

The poster for Roman Karimov’s To Pieces proclaims it an ‘action comedy’ but if that’s the case then Karimov has the grimmest sense of humor I’ve come across in recent days. Action? Oh, yeah. It’s got that in spades. You want car crashes, guns and knives? All there. But comedy? I aint seeing it. And I’m perfectly fine with that.


2. 3D Sex And Zen: Extreme Ecstasy by Christopher Sun, Hong Kong

Why, yes, that IS an enormous fountain shaped like a penis spraying water in this new clip from Christopher Sun’s 3D Sex And Zen. Sun’s film is already an enormous hit in Hong Kong where literal boat loads of people crossing over from mainland China to watch a bit of gratuitous T&A drove an opening weekend that shattered Avatar’s Hong Kong box office records. And now with the film rolling out in theatres around America some new scenes are starting to pop up online. It’s called Sex And Zen for a reason, you probably already know if you want to see it.


3. The Outrage by Pantewanop Tewakul, Thailand

A Thai remake of Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon that plays out like the entire cast and crew had watched Ronny Yu’s Hong Kong horror fantasy The Bride With White Hair on infinite loop in the months before launching production? Oh, hell yes. Director Pantewanop Tewakul is quickly establishing himself as one of Thailand’s best – his 2010 effort Eternity was a huge commercial and critical success – and The Outrage looks as though it will only further cement his reputation. International audiences will recognize Ong Bak’s Mum Jokmok and Shutter’s Ananda Everingham in the cast but, really, it’s the gorgeous production design that is going to draw audiences in.


4. Underwater Love by Shinji Imaoka, Japan

A second unrepentant sex film making the list this week? What can I say, the world’s a sexy place. And this one comes with a very peculiar pedigree ...

Shinji Imaoka has long been revered within the world of Japanese pinku films for his ability to elevate sexually charged material into something more than just smut and for his latest he’s enlisted the help of frequent Wong Kar Wai cinematographer Christopher Doyle and pop band Stereo Total to create a full on fantasy sex musical revolving around Japan’s folklore turtle creature, the kappa. It’s weird stuff but pretty damn charming, enough so that it had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. And for those squeamish about boobs and things they’ve kept all the naughty bits out of the new Japanese theatrical release trailer.


5. We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lynne Ramsay, UK

We end things off this week in the UK, with the first trailer for Lynne Ramsay’s Cannes-selected We Need To Talk About Kevin. Sure to stir up controversy thanks to its touchy subject matter – it revolves around a high school massacre – the film is flawed, I think, but anchored by an absolutely stunning central performance from Tilda Swinton. An Oscar nomination for Swinton seems a sure thing and so far this year I haven’t seen another female performance that stands a chance of taking the win away from her. The US trailer hasn’t turned up yet but the first international trailer has thanks to the impending French release.

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