Watch: Every Cutscene From the 'Uncharted' Game Trilogy Assembled Into Feature-Length Movies

Watch: Every Cutscene From the 'Uncharted' Game Trilogy Assembled Into Feature-Length Movies

Apr 23, 2012

Uncharted is a game series that makes no attempts to hide its cinematic aspirations. As if its main character, Nathan Drake, a handsome, roguish treasure hunter who wants to keep valuable artifacts out of the hands of greedy and nefarious figures, weren't already a not-so-subtle riff on Indiana Jones, the games themselves are structured in such a way as to make the player feel like they're playing a movie. And while that effect is pretty strong on gamers, it's also strong on Hollywood (its massive popularity doesn't hurt either), as Sony has been trying for years to bring it to the big screen.

Well, while fans are waiting on more news on the big screen front (the last update had Limitless director Neil Burger replacing David O. Russell), they can watch three, feature-length Uncharted movies on the small screen. 

A fan of the series has edited together the very cutscenes and interactive cinematics from the games that create that 'playing a movie' illusion into their complete narratives. The result is three increasingly epic movies: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune clocks in at 1 hour, 53 minutes, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is just shy of 3 hours, and the latest game, Drake's Deception, has a meaty 3 hours and 16 minutes of 'footage' packed between all the gameplay.

Of course, this isn't exactly how the games are supposed to be experienced, so editing together the cutscenes isn't flawless storytelling. There are some awkward transitions throughout, but if you actually manage to watch all three movies (or if you've just played all the games), you'll notice their cinematics become increasingly more complex as the series progresses. And it is a good series, with fun, entertaining characters and plenty of grand set pieces and plot twists. So if you're not a gamer but are curious about why Uncharted is so popular, and you're looking for something to watch in the background of your day, this is a very convenient way to do so.

Oh, and if the idea of this does entice you, you may want to watch them sooner rather than later. Who knows how long Sony and Naughty Dog (the game developers) will allow these movies to stay online.

Now, if only someone could do this for the Metal Gear Solid series. Not that it would make any more sense, that way...

[via Blastr and Kotaku]

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