The Ultimate Poster Crop Quiz #3: Bikini Alert!

The Ultimate Poster Crop Quiz #3: Bikini Alert!

May 27, 2012

We're back with another Poster Crop quiz! In honor of the beachgoing season officially kicking off this weekend, we decided we wanted to do something light and summery this time out, so we're going with ... bikinis! Yes, get ready to brand me as a sexist jerk for objectifying the female form in such a base and leering fashion, but hey -- it's summertime, and Hollywood often likes to tease us with posters featuring girls (and guys!) in tiny bathing suits. Check out the poster for the "cleverly" titled Piranha 3DD (opening next week) and you'll see where the inspiration for this theme comes from. Anyway, can you name any or all of the following movie posters based solely on bikini wear and what lies therein?

Above: The poster for this summer's Piranha 3DD. Think you know your girls-in-bikinis movie posters? Take a look at the poster crops below and put your guesses in the comments. We'll give a shout out to the first person who gets them all correct.











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