The Ultimate Fight: Watch Bruce Lee Take on Donnie Yen in the Animated Short 'A Warrior's Dream'

The Ultimate Fight: Watch Bruce Lee Take on Donnie Yen in the Animated Short 'A Warrior's Dream'

Oct 23, 2013

Bruce Lee Warrior's Dream
Fans of martial arts movies love to debate about who would beat whom in a fight -- it's a time-honored tradition that has endured since kung fu movies first came into existence and continues to this day. Of all the possible combatants, Bruce Lee remains the undisputed king -- the ultimate badass who was not only a great screen fighter, but a guy who was more than capable of hurting you in a real-life brawl. Lee's work has been the inspiration for countless Hong Kong action film stars since his untimely passing, including one of current kings of Asian action cinema, the inimitable Donnie Yen.
Yen is a gifted fighter, but it seems unlikely that anyone would posit that he could beat Bruce Lee in combat -- but it's fun to imagine just what a showdown might have looked like. Of course, if you're not that good at using your imagination, you can just watch this cool animated short entitled A Warrior's Dream -- it'll do all the heavy lifting for you.
In the clip, Donnie Yen finds himself training against a group of enemies (who kinda look like they were ripped right out of a Crysis game). After dispatching them with his trademarked ease, Yen encounters an even stronger challenger -- Bruce Lee himself. The duo trades a flurry of kicks and punches before the clip ends with Lee's "Walk On" calligraphy -- a fitting ending for sure.
The video, from filmmaker Li Jin, features some cool choreography and impressive photo-realistic animation, and should please anyone who's a fan of Yen, Lee or just cool martial arts fights. Check it out below and let us know if you think there's anyone in modern action cinema who could have hung with Bruce Lee in his prime.



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