The Ultimate 'Man of Steel' Primer: Superman's History, Villains, Lois Lane and More

The Ultimate 'Man of Steel' Primer: Superman's History, Villains, Lois Lane and More

Jun 12, 2013

Think you know Superman? Of the dozens of incarnations of the character, your average fan will often pick a handful of versions they like and follow them. They might pick the movies and Smallville, or Lois & Clark and the George Reeves TV series. To follow ALL of them takes a level of obsession, and that’s where I come in.

For two years now, I’ve been writing about Man of Steel right here on On top of news items and opinion pieces, I also wrote about Superman’s history to help fans understand the context of what they’re about to see in the film. And oh yes, there are a tons of references to Superman’s past in the new movie. Take a look at these pieces so that when you sit down in the theater, you will know where the filmmakers were coming from.


The Symbol (or the Evolution of Superman)

Superman’s “S” shield chest symbol is different in the film than what most people are used to. But its look has changed substantially over time. Read this article to see why the new symbol isn’t even that big of a change.





The Complete History of General Zod

A hero is only as strong as his antagonists force him to be. Most remember Zod as Terrence Stamp in the first two Superman movies, but did you know there have been NINE versions?


The 32 Best Superman Villains (and How They Could Fit into a Movie)

Part 1

Part 2

Lex Luthor, the Greatest Criminal Mind of ALL Time

Speaking of villains, Superman’s baddies run the gamut from super cool to super lame, but that’s true of all comic book heroes including Batman, Spider-Man and all the Avengers. Who are they and what is the likelihood they could appear in potential sequels?





Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Lois Lane

Part 1

Part 2

Lois has always been strong-willed and hot-headed, but her character changed over the years and was played by many actresses. I had so much to say on this subject that I had to break it into two pieces.





The Complete History of Perry White

Laurence Fishburne plays the Daily Planet editor Perry White in the new film, but he’s been around for a long time. Here’s every major incarnation.




The Superman Music

Theme Music, Part 1

Theme Music, Part 2

Almost every new version of Superman calls for new music to accompany it, and Hans Zimmer has done it again for Man of Steel. Take a look at this two-part series about the history of Superman’s theme music.

The Superman Curse

What is the fabled “Superman Curse,” and how has it affected actors who once donned the tights and cape? Henry Cavill isn’t worried about it, but should we be worried for him?


Everything You Need to Know About Kryptonite

Even though Zack Snyder admitted months ago that Kryptonite will not appear in this film because Superman already has his hands full as it is, the odds are that it will appear in the sequel. But Kryptonite has a long and difficult history.

Superman's Weirdest, Wackiest Powers

Just for fun, I put this one together to showcase the strangest powers that writers have tried to give Superman. Sometimes they’re so good that they stick around, like flight or super breath, but some are just too weird to ever be used again.

Why Superman Does Not Kill

And finally, a discussion I posted recently about why it is so vitally important that Superman never kill his enemies, even though he has done it several times.

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