UK Frightfest 2012 Announces Maniacal Lineup!

UK Frightfest 2012 Announces Maniacal Lineup!

Jun 29, 2012

Easily one of the coolest film events in all of Britaindom is the annual Film4 Frightfest shindig, and 2012 looks to be their biggest, baddest, and bloodiest so far. The five-day event has introduced more high-end horror titles to London than we care to mention. Plus that would take extra research, today is Friday, and we're feeling lazy. (They played Martyrs one year. So there.) Suffice to say that Austin has Fantastic Fest, Montreal has Fantasia, Toronto has Midnight Madness, and (I bet you know where this is going) the UK has Frightfest

And their brand-new lineup has been announced! We'll paste the press release down below (more laziness on our part), but highlights look to be Elijah Wood in a remake of William Lustig's Maniac, and yes I'm serious, the Sam Raimi-produced thriller The Possession (which was known as The Dybbuk Box at one point), and the buzzed-about Jennifer Lynch horror flick Chained

Frightfest selections that I've actually seen (and really enjoyed) are Scott Derrickson's Sinister, the dark and twisted V/H/S anthology flick, the kick-ass wedding gore-fest [REC] 3: Genesis, and the juicily unnerving Sleep Tight. All good stuff. Plus -- and this is one reason why we love Frightfest -- they have a few picks like Outpost 2 (I liked the first one!) and Crawl, which is more of a John Dahl-ian road thriller than a horror flick, but is really quite good. For a lot more highlights, including details on a screening of the original Bride of Frankentein (hat tip, Frightest programmers) and some restored Hammer classics(!), check out the full press release below. Even if you can't make it to the event, you can always add these titles to your "horrors I want to see, eventually" list, because I know the aforementioned Frightfest programmers, and those chaps don't mess about.

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WELCOME to the latest FILM4 FrightFest newsletter. This is one of the biggest of the year and contains all the info on this year's films.

You were warned it was going to be our biggest August Bank Holiday event ever.

And you are doomed to join the five-day Harmageddon where everyone is invited.

Because during FILM4 FrightFest the 13th, nothing will save you from having the greatest time of your life.

With more movies, more variety, more premieres, more previews, more guests and just more, more, more… FILM4 FrightFest the 13th is delighted to unveil its most ambitious line-up in history. From the sensational SINISTER starring Ethan Hawke, the Sam Raimi produced THE POSSESSION and Jennifer Chambers Lynch’s jaw-dropping CHAINED, to the MANIAC remake, the surgical underground of AMERICAN MARY and the V/H/S anthology everyone is talking about, it’s time for some paranormal hacktivity and anger games as we salute the cream of the screams 2012.

Because it’s FILM4 FrightFest, we naturally pay tribute to the Best of British horror fantasy with our already announced opening film Paul Hyett’s stunning shocker THE SEASONING HOUSE and closer, James Nunn and Ronnie Thompson’s suspense power-house TOWER BLOCK. But we are also showcasing Peter Strickland’s extraordinary Italian horror deconstruction BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO, Jon Wright’s creature feature GRABBERS, the living dead romp COCKNEYS VS. ZOMBIES, the human experiment warning GUINEA PIGS, the killer clown comedy STITCHES, the cannibal serial killer chiller SAWNEY, the psycho cop thriller MAY I KILL U?, the gory allegory BEFORE DAWN, the fear of THE INSIDE and the frightening COMMUNITY.

But our European neighbours aren’t being left off the exciting bill of fear fare. Because, thanks to the BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO homage to spaghetti exploitation, we are giving a prominent focus to the Italian genre revival with Federico Zampaglione’s neo-giallo TULPA and the Manetti Bros. box-office hit PAURA 3D. Plus we have the absolutely brilliant documentary EUROCRIME! about the extremely violent police movies  of the 1970s. And we mustn’t forget to mention that our Total Icon this year is the one, the only Italian Master of Horror, Dario Argento. The SUSPIRIA legend will not only be interviewed about his career on stage, he will also be promoting the updated and revised edition of Alan Jones’ bestseller ‘Dario Argento: The Man, The Myth & The Magic’.

From Spain we are highlighting two of the country’s brightest talents with their recent blockbuster hits. Director Paco Plaza will be joining us for the UK premiere of [REC]3 GENESIS and so will his former [REC] partner in crime, Jaume Balaguero, with his stunning thriller SLEEP TIGHT. Also in the Spanish language is HIDDEN IN THE WOODS, a Chilean chiller you must not miss, which once again sees FrightFest highlighting the most unusual entertainment from the four corners of the globe. This year that includes the Dutch KILL ZOMBIE!, the Japanese DEAD SUSHI, and Germany’s ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY and WE ARE THE NIGHT.

Movies you may not have heard about yet but will be talking about the instant you’ve seen them are Steven C Miller’s UNDER THE BED (his follow-up to THE AGRESSION SCALE), Ryan Smith’s AFTER (the new MONSTERS), THE THOMPSONS, (The Butcher Brothers’ fabulous sequel to THE HAMILTONS), Peter Engert’s REMNANTS (this year’s THE DIVIDE), Stig Svendsen’s ELEVATOR lift-off and Buddy Giovinazzo’s highly anticipated return to the genre A NIGHT OF NIGHTMARES.

Then there’s T2/THE ABYSS star Michael Biehn’s directorial debut THE VICTIM, the gore documentary NIGHTMARE FACTORY focusing on the work of make-up genius Greg Nicotero, the Nazi zombie romp OUTPOST II: BLACK SUN, the latest in the mutant smash series WRONG TURN 4 and the ever popular SHORT FILM SHOWCASE and ANDY NYMAN’S QUIZ FROM HELL presented by The Horror Channel. And showing for the first time in the UK will be the most-wanted retrospective of the decade, Clive Barker’s NIGHTBREED: THE CABAL CUT.

FILM4 FrightFest the 13th’s innovation this year is our third venue at the Empire, the Re-Discovery Screen. Here, in an intimate setting, you can see two of our FILM4 FrightFest Glasgow favourites, Paul China’s CRAWL and the Manetti Bros. THE ARRIVAL OF WANG. Plus fully restored versions of three classics from the House of Hammer, THE DEVIL RIDES OUT, RASPUTIN THE MAD MONK and THE MUMMY’S SHROUD. We are also delighted to be playing our part in celebrating the centenary of Universal Studios with a special presentation of a legendary masterpiece, THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. Following on the from THE DEAD success of last year, we will also be re-showing INBRED and recording director Alex Chandon’s live commentary for the Anchor Bay DVD release.

FILM4 FrightFest has outdone itself with our guests year,. We are delighted to confirm that Dario Argento will be this year's TOTAL FILM ICON. He will be on stage in his first UK interview for many years with Jamie Graham on Friday 24th talking about his career and future plans. As the the rest of our guest list, you will have to hang on for a little while longer. We will be announcing the full list in time for our single tickets going on sale later in July.


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