The U.S. Is Getting Its Own Amazing Bar Inspired by 'Alien' Designer H.R. Giger

The U.S. Is Getting Its Own Amazing Bar Inspired by 'Alien' Designer H.R. Giger

Jan 08, 2014

The mad genius behind the creature and set designs in Ridley Scott’s Alien, H.R. Giger, opened up two bars modeled after his creations in Switzerland. The biomechanical-style establishments draw large crowds, awed by its floor-to-ceiling details. Visitors appear to lounge in the belly of the beast. There was a version of Giger’s bar at the Limelight in New York City that functioned as a VIP room full of the artist’s furniture pieces, paintings and sculptures (it took three years to install), but it shut down once the club closed its doors in the early 2000s. CNet brings news that we may see a new Giger club in the U.S., it’s location to be determined. Andy Davies, founder of Sci-fi Hotel, had this to say about the upcoming bar:

"What I envision for the U.S. bar is taking the key elements of Giger Bar Gruyeres, the biomechanical ceiling arches, and reforming them to fit a space here. Matching those design elements with the same style of furniture, the bar — well, pretty much replicating the whole thing. The important thing for me is total authenticity. I want Giger and his team to be totally involved. This will be a Giger work of art, not just a copy, but the real thing. That's really important to H.R. Giger and to me."

Davies is eyeing up locations in “Seattle and New York, with San Francisco, New Orleans and Chicago following closely behind," but he’d love to see the otherworldly nightspot “in the middle of the New Mexico desert at Spaceport USA. If you're gonna build a spaceport-looking hotel, might as well build it at a spaceport, right? Imagine the sci-fi conventions out there; those would truly be out there!” The business owner hopes to announce the U.S. location of the Giger Bar, and Davies’ Sci-fi Hotel — which you can read more about here — in early 2014.




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