Two of Today's Funniest Comedians May Help Reboot 'Police Academy'

Two of Today's Funniest Comedians May Help Reboot 'Police Academy'

Apr 07, 2014

Key & PeeleThe Police Academy franchise has become something of a punchline over the years, but that hasn’t stopped talks of rebooting the wacky adventures of moviedom’s most unlikely police cadets. Things have been stalled for awhile, but two hilarious, well-known producers may change that.

Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele are reportedly in talks to enroll at the Academy in an upcoming relaunch. The duo behind Comedy Central’s Key & Peele sketch comedy show would serve in a producing capacity, but could also appear in the film as well. Personally, we like the sound of this.

Screenwriter Jeremy Garelick is currently writing a new draft of the script, which will presumably find a group of unlikely cadets squaring off against the staid and inept instructors at the Academy. Hilarity will theoretically ensue. Meanwhile, director Scott Zabielski has departed the project.

The original Police Academy spanned seven installments and became known mostly for its lowbrow humor and trying to convince the world that Steve Guttenberg was leading man material. The last film in the series, Mission to Moscow, debuted in 1994 – so the time could be right for a remake.

All in all, we’re not too upset about the idea of more Police Academy. If Hollywood’s going to relaunch franchises, this is a decent one to tackle. It’s not like the original films are so iconic that remaking them will ruin cherished memories or anything like that. Plus, with Key and Peele involved, there’s a genuine chance that we might see something that’s really funny – and maybe even a bit meta, like the 21 Jump Street reboot. 

If it involves police humor like this, we are so down.

[via The Wrap]

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