Two New Stills from 'Immortals' Show Off the Film's Badass Action Scenes (Exclusive)

Two New Stills from 'Immortals' Show Off the Film's Badass Action Scenes (Exclusive)

Oct 14, 2011

Director Tarsem Singh is known for employing spectacular visuals in mostly incomprehensible movies (The Cell, The Fall), and his latest, Immortals, looks at the very least to be--well, a spectacle of some kind. The story is your basic man-vs.-gods conflict in which a power-crazed king rampages across Greece and incurs the wrath of stonemason Theseus (Henry Cavill) after the young man's mother is killed in the rampaging. And then there's Mickey Rourke in a bunny-eared venus-flytrap helmet, lots of motivational leader-roaring, and battles in the--sky?

Well, here we give you two brand-new stills with star Cavill as Theseus and Robert Maillet as Minotaur, followed by the trailer. What do you think--something you'll see come 11/11/11?

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