Scott Derrickson to Remake 'Two Eyes Staring,' Nic Cage to Star in 'Black Butterfly'

Scott Derrickson to Remake 'Two Eyes Staring,' Nic Cage to Star in 'Black Butterfly'

Oct 18, 2011

Two Eyes Staring

Charlize Theron is apparently keen to get in on the genre game. She's been involved with a few thrillers in the past, but never a full-on horror movie, but soon that will change when she takes on the lead role in an Americanization of the Dutch ghost movie Two Eyes Staring (titled Zwart Water in its native tongue). The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Theron's production company, Denver and Delilah Films, actually acquired the rights to the film last year and they've now announced a writer-director team for the project: Scott Derrickson and Paul Boardman. 

Horror fans will recognize Derrickson and Boardman as the team who gave the world The Exorcism of Emily Rose, though this is their first team-up since then. Derrickson is currently shooting Sinister, which he co-wrote with Christopher Cargill, while Boardman has been linked to writing duties on the proposed Poltergeist remake. Theron will play the mother of a little girl who befriends the ghost of her dead twin, but no other cast have been announced at this point. Oh, and if you're one of those genre fans who gets snooty about remakes, I say don't be. The original Two Eyes Staring is occasionally creepy, but it's also a little dry and a little slow, so it's certainly something that could survive and even be improved by a remake.

And in other genre news, Nicolas Cage will headline a German-produced, English-language remake of a French TV movie called Papillon Noir. This American version will be titled Black Butterfly and directed by Brian Goodman (What Doesn't Kill You). Having not seen the original French version, which starred a soccer player, all I know about it is what THR tells us, "Cage will play the reclusive author Paul, who befriends a drifter, with fatal consequences." And considering I seem like one of the few people these days who still enjoys Nicolas Cage movies, I'm all for a movie that pits him against a crazy drifter.

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