Watch: Francis Ford Coppola's Wacky, Remixed Comic-Con Panel for 'Twixt'

Watch: Francis Ford Coppola's Wacky, Remixed Comic-Con Panel for 'Twixt'

Jul 26, 2011

One of the more talked-about panels at Comic-Con this year was Francis Ford Coppola's presentation of his upcoming vampire flick Twixt. Rather than go the usual route of presenting footage in between a cast Q&A, Coppola took the stage with a rather bizarre (and genius) announcement, telling the crowd that he'd be taking his new film on tour, while remixing and tweaking the footage so that each audience experiences a different version of the film. It's sort of like he's applied the jam band philosophy to moviemaking, and it sounds pretty damn rad.

Our own David Ehrlich (who covered the panel for us here) had this to add: "Twixt's liquid structure makes it feel as if it shares Inception’s interest in the geography of dream-states. It seems as if Coppola has essentially melded movies with Mass Effect, as you’ve got branching paths that are somehow viewer-determined but creator-controlled. Coppola seems like a kid in a candy store, a film-school student who would rather re-write the curriculum than graduate. He doesn’t seem at all jaded or burdened by his history in the business, just giddy with possibilities. It’s clear that Twixt has gone from a dubious curiosity to the film event of the remaining year. The movie itself might be / probably is an unmoored bit of low-rent silliness from a guy who has done it all, but the prospect of experiencing it is as exciting as anything on the horizon."

Still confused? Here, check out some bits and pieces from the panel itself, courtesy of Screencave.


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