Twilight, superheroes and The Unborn

Twilight, superheroes and The Unborn

Oct 14, 2008

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    Twilight Book or Movie: Which Is Worse? Try to make out the bad dialogue over the sound of millions of teenage girls shrieking about this trailer. I’ll keep getting my vampire fix with True Blood, thanks. Oh, and the books suck, too.
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    Big Green Traitor The Iron Man writers have an unexpected foil for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – The Hulk. It makes a good amount of sense. Hulk is prone to mood swings. But it still begs the question: Wouldn’t even The Hulk get his ass kicked by The Avengers? The green dude will need to call in some reinforcements.
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    Captain America

    Deleted for a Reason So, apparently this is supposed to be Captain America frozen in the ice in a deleted scene on the Hulk DVD. What, you can’t see the red, white and blue blur? And you call yourself a fanboy!
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    Superhero Fatigue

    Green Lantern How Much Is Too Much? Ryan Gosling could be in as the Green Lantern, while Brandon Routh is getting a second shot of Supe. Maybe I’m sweating the economic crisis too much, but it sure seems like we’re due for some superhero fallout. When’s the bubble going to burst? If it ain’t Batman, I ain’t buyin’.
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    Dumbfounded I love Bloodsport. Whenever it’s on cable, which is pretty much every four hours, I end up watching the whole damn thing. But this trailer makes me think that Jean-Claude’s ready to exercise a muscle we never gave him credit for: his brain. Which technically isn’t a muscle. But still.
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    Before I Self Destruct

    Single Threat Dear 50 Cent: Please stick to rapping. You are good at it. Directing movies … not so much.
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    The Unborn

    The Unborn Like Twins, Only Terrifying, and Without Ahnuld The trailer is legitimately creepy, and makes me glad I’m an only child … OR AM I?!?
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    The Road

    Someone Could Use a Shower All right, ladies – you still think Viggo Mortensen is totally hot? You do? That figures.
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    Seven Pounds

    Life Lessons Watch the Fresh Prince get all weepy and stuff in the trailer. Note: The best sappy movie about someone with a faulty ticker is Untamed Heart. If you argue this, I dare say you are heartless. Or have better taste than me.
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    Sherlock Holmes

    Moose Knuckle, My Dear Watson I’m glad I didn’t live back in the olden days. Because if these set photos of Jude Law are any indication, guys back then wore their pants hitched up way too high.

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