'Twilight' In Real Life: Man Attacked by Vampire Outside Vacant Hooters

'Twilight' In Real Life: Man Attacked by Vampire Outside Vacant Hooters

Sep 09, 2011

Remember all those old ghost stories your parents would tell you around the campfire about how you should always stay away from vacant Hooters restaurants because that's where all the vampires like to hang out? Okay, maybe we only told those stories at my house, but whatever -- you should still keep away ... or else. Unfortunately for a 69-year-old wheelchair-bound transient, he wasn't aware of the vacant Hooters warnings because when he took up residence outside one abandoned restaurant with a 22-year-old girl named Josephine Smith, he had no idea at the time that she was really -- wait for it -- a blood-thirsty vampire!

Either that or she's just insane because the girl went to town on this guy, feasting on his neck, face and other areas shortly after he fell asleep while yelling that she was a vampire and was going to eat him. Fortunately she didn't eat him and his injuries are not life-threatening. In the meantime, police have taken the anti-Bella into custody. Check out the video below for more ...


Police: Man says he was bitten by vampire: MyFoxTAMPABAY.com

[via The Daily What]

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