See How 'Twilight' Has Literally Taken Over the Real-Life Town of Forks, Washington

See How 'Twilight' Has Literally Taken Over the Real-Life Town of Forks, Washington

Oct 26, 2012

The influence and magic of movies not only affects and entrances us in the theaters, it can also take over entire towns. In the case of Twilight, one small city with a population of 3,545 people has been transformed from a quiet timber community into an undead hotspot. The Awl recently posted an article about Forks, Washington and the Twilight phenomenon. Forks is the setting for the Twilight series, although many of the scenes were actually shot in Oregon, but that hasn't stopped residents from cashing in on the craze. These photos shot by Roger Kisby prove that Forks is indeed under the Twlight spell. Kisby shared his experience:
"The town was definitely sleepy. One main grocery store, a few motels and some shops. Before Meyer's fans started coming, most visitors were, I gathered, sports fishermen. The folks I met in the tourist center were excited to show off the Twilight side of Forks. It was there I learned that the movies weren't filmed in the town, but mostly in Oregon. But even if the town doesn't appear in the movies, Forks still offers tours that take you past a truck like Bella would have driven, a house like Bella would have lived in, the high school where the vampire-werewolf treaty would have happened, etc. etc. Here's what I saw of Twilight and its vampires in this little logging town." 
See what surreal vampiric oddities Kisby captured below, and then head to the Awl for more fan weirdsies. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 hits theaters on November 16.






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