Twilight Crack, Megan Fox Gets Married and Mel Gibson is Mad ... Again

Twilight Crack, Megan Fox Gets Married and Mel Gibson is Mad ... Again

Jun 30, 2010

As Expected, Twilight Causes Divorce – Is Twilight the new Xanax? That’s what it sounds like from reading this new L.A. Times article about women who’ve managed to throw away their lives and ruin their marriages due to obsessions with the Twilight books and movies. With quotes like, “Twilight was always on my mind, to the point where I couldn’t function,” it’s not a divorce these people need – it’s a therapist.

Megan Fox Got Married Right as we were just getting used to the fact that she was engaged … again … Megan Fox went and got hitched to Brian Austin Green in a quickie ceremony, most likely to prevent another case of cold feet. The two celebrated their honeymoon in Hawaii while young males everywhere drowned their sorrows during multiple at-home screenings of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. In related news: America’s males are now dumber for having watched Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen more than once.

Melrose Place Actress Causes Deadly Car Crash In an apparent attempt to create the storyline for a real-life episode of Melrose Place, one of the show’s actresses, Amy Locane, was involved in a fatal DUI over the weekend and she could be facing 10 years in the slammer. Locane, who’s starred in several random movies you’ve never heard of since appearing in 13 episodes of the original Melrose Place back in 1992, managed to get into two different accidents on the same evening. First she was involved in a hit-and-run, and then later that evening she struck a car pulling into a driveway, killing the passenger and injuring the driver. No Melrose Place reunion for you, dear.

Sandra Bullock Officially Back on the Market Guys, listen up: Sandra Bullock (and all her baggage, including that newly adopted son and ex-husband biker dude) is finally back on the market now that her divorce to Jesse James has become official. As in, the actress is single and ready to mingle. Guys who own bike shops and wear multiple tattoos need not apply.

Mel Gibson Involved in Domestic Abuse Claims And speaking of short-tempered ex-husbands who may or may not be able to kill you with their bare hands, Mel Gibson’s soon-to-be ex Oksana Grigorieva has asked a judge for a domestic violence restraining order claiming Gibson got violent with her. A judge went ahead and issued the restraining order, prohibiting Gibson from having any contact with Oksana (though it was later modified to allow Gibson to see his daughter). Wait … or is this whole thing the storyline for Lethal Weapon 5? I can’t tell.

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