'Twilight' Gets the Bad Lip Reading Treatment and It's Hilarious

'Twilight' Gets the Bad Lip Reading Treatment and It's Hilarious

Apr 29, 2014

Twilight Bad Lip Reading

Does making fun of Twilight ever get old? Find out for yourself with a new clip from the fine folks at Bad Lip Reading, spoofing the dreadful Twilight saga. There’s an entire series, which we spotted at Geekologie and included for you here, in case you’re feeling extra masochistic today.

“I don’t like your face,” says earnest Twilight dad. “You’ve got horrible zoo hands,” a pouty Bella replies. “And you have the record for frowning,” dad retorts. At least Bad Lip Reading is accurate.

MST3K fans, Twilight haters, and the epically bored: dig into these fun clips, and ponder the fact that Twilight author Stephenie Meyer has more money than most banks.




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