'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' Countdown: Who's The Most Social on Social Media

'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' Countdown: Who's The Most Social on Social Media

Jul 07, 2011

Peter FacinelliLaura Byrne-Cristiano is a co-owner of The Twilight Lexicon, the longest continuously operating Twilight Saga fansite on the web. You can read her Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn column here on Movies.com every other Thursday.

It happened just the other day. I was restless, twitchy, and unable to focus. I thought I was going to lose my mind because I needed my fix and it wasn’t there. No, I didn’t lose my Internet connection. I still had my iPhone. What was the problem? All I could see every time I refreshed my computer screen was what’s commonly known as the “Fail Whale”. Instead of seeing a cute little blue bird, I was looking at a whale smirking at me with the message, “Twitter is over capacity”. Yes my friends, my name is Laura, and I am a Twitter addict. I need to see what’s happening with my favorite news sites and actors hourly, and Twitter is how I do it. Sad but true: if I am deprived, I have a meltdown.

Why I am so wrapped up in Twitter, the non-indoctrinated might ask? Aside from it being more visually appealing than an RSS feed, there’s this kind of euphoric whammy that happens if a celebrity responds to you on Twitter. The first time it happened to me was with Billy Burke (@Billy_Burke), who plays Charlie. Burke was tweeting about having to grow back his mustache for the Twilight Saga: Eclipse filming. Lots of fans responded to him, and I happened to comment that his mustache was so big it could have its own zip code. The next thing I know, Billy Burke retweets my comment. I froze, my hands hovered above the keyboard in a claw-like position, as I shouted, “Whoa, whoa, whoa!” In short, it made my day.

Arguably the Twilight Saga actor who is the best at Twitter is Peter Facinelli (@PeterFacinelli) who plays Carlise. Facinelli has really taken his involvement on Twitter to that next level. He uses it to his full advantage by tweeting tidbits from his off-screen life, promoting charitable causes, giving updates on his latest projects, and actually responding to fans. Most importantly though, he’s entertaining no matter what he Tweets. His epic Twitter follower bet with his friend and production company partner, Rob Di Franco, resulted in a bikini dance down Hollywood Boulevard.  PR stunt or no, it’s yet to be topped in the Twilight Saga world.

A clear Twitter fan favorite is The Twilight Saga: New Moon director, Chris Weitz (@ChrisWeitz). Weitz was self-admittedly a bit out of control when he first started up. He was known for thirty plus tweets in a row that eventually landed him in what’s called “Twitter Jail” for spamming. Weitz spoke about his Twitter addiction in a recent interview with Twilight fansites, “It’s really, really cool to sort of revive this relationship with the fans which had kind of gone dormant. I think there was probably a time where I was Twittering too much for my mental health. I would go on these massive binges. . . and then when I got my hands on the keyboard, you couldn’t stop me. I was in Twitter Jail twice a day. And now I’ve learned to just calm down a bit and to try to focus as much as possible… Sometimes I feel terrible that I can’t answer everybody’s questions, like no human being would be able to unless they had several clones, but it’s been a fun way to revive for me, the experience of that sort of enthusiasm.”

Kellan LutzAt last count there were over forty Twilight actors who are legitimately on Twitter, not to mention hundreds of fakes trying to and succeeding in attracting attention. I put a call out using my own Twitter to ask my fellow Twilight Saga Twitter addicts who their favorite Twilight Saga Twitters were, and what were their memorable Twitter moments. @ValeWolf who runs the Twilight Poison fansite was one of many who mentioned Kellan Lutz, who plays Emmett. She said, “@Kellanlutz no question! He's such a sweetheart! He tweets inspirational quotes, promotes charity and sends messages to fans. He even names fans personally on his Twitter. He thanks them for their gifts and letters. Such a sweet guy.” On the other hand, Twitter can be a double-edged sword. There are those moments that actors probably wish they could take back. @Tracey__Gardner pointed out an item that no less than a dozen fans mentioned, “ Bronson Pelletier accidentally tweeted a picture of himself in his orange underwear!! Still my favorite ever tweet :D”.

As far as favorite newbies to the Twilight Saga world on Twitter go there seem to be two clear favorites: @GuriWeinberg  who pays Stefan, and  @Noel_Fisher  who plays Vladimir. Even though their characters aren’t going to have any screen time until November 2012 when The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 hits screens, they have already amassed a huge following. Fans never know what the two of them are going to say. They seem to have a gift for starting unique conversations and end up with half the cast replying to them. As @twilidiot points out, “[They are] so funny, esp. together, and love to talk to their tweeps”.

Sadly, some actors have not yet seen the Twitter light. Despite numerous fake accounts that might lead fans to believe otherwise, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Nikki Reed are not on Twitter. On the other hand, there is hope. Taylor Lautner recently made a Facebook fanpage with ten million followers and counting. Can a Twitter account be far behind?

Who is your favorite Twilight Saga actor on Twitter, and who do you think needs to get one? Tell me in the comments below and give me a shout out on Twitter.

Only 133 days left until The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 debuts. I wonder how many more Twilight Saga actors will be on Twitter by then?

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