Turn Around! The Great Jump-Scare Supercut Is Right Behind You!

Turn Around! The Great Jump-Scare Supercut Is Right Behind You!

Oct 31, 2013

Insidious demon

It's Halloween, and as Sheriff Brackett points out in John Carpenter's seminal slasher flick of the same name, "everyone's entitled to one good scare" on this magical day. Alex Moschina apparently felt he deserved a few extra scares, because his latest supercut video is packed with countless moments guaranteed to make you jump.

It's a horror-film cliche at this point to watch some hapless hero or heroine wander around their environment, completely oblivious to the horror sneaking up behind them, but it still resonates with audiences on an almost primal level. With that in mind, Moschina has put together a giant video featuring countless moments that made audiences scream "oh my God, look behind you!" Showcasing footage from Insidious, Halloween, Fright Night and more (you can find a full chronological list of titles here), this vid should give you plenty of jump moments on the one day of the year where being terrified is actually cool. Happy Halloween!

[via Laughing Squid]





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