Here's Awesome Proof That Every Movie Is Better with More Batman

Here's Awesome Proof That Every Movie Is Better with More Batman

Jul 11, 2014

Batman Gravity

We’re firm believers that a little Batman makes pretty much everything in life better – and now there’s a hilarious Tumblr blog reaffirming that belief on a regular basis. It’s Better with Batman takes famous images from TV and film and places the Dark Knight himself into them, showing how much more awesome everything would be with Bruce Wayne’s involvement. Don’t believe us? Check out some of these examples…

In this first image, we see how Stanley Kubrick’s classic Vietnam film Full Metal Jacket would have looked if R. Lee Ermey spent the Paris Island segment screaming at Ben Affleck’s Batman instead of Private Pyle. Look how sad Batman is.

Batman full metal jacket


With all the catching criminals and handing out beatdowns, it’s easy to forget that Batman has a softer side – but this image from Dirty Dancing proves the Bat has an appreciation for dance. Hey, this guy did the Batusi Dance back in the day!

Batman Dirty Dancing


Danny Glover might be “too old for this s**t”, but Batman has his back in this Lethal Weapon photo. Gary Busey’s Mr. Joshua vs. Batman…someone needs to make that happen.

Batman lethal weapon


Batman would have made a great partner for Jules in Pulp Fiction. There’s no way Batman meets his end sitting on the can, that’s for sure.

Batman Pulp Fiction


Check out even more hilariously awesome Bat-photos at It’s Better with Batman.  




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