Tucker & Dale Lands a U.S. Distributor ... Finally!

Tucker & Dale Lands a U.S. Distributor ... Finally!

Jun 08, 2011

It was a big favorite of the Midnight slate at Sundance 2010. It went over like gangbusters at the Drafthouse when it played SXSW, and then it bolted all across the festival circuit, leaving exuberant fans in its wake. It's the confidently colorful horror/comedy Tucker & Dale vs. Evil ... and it'll be available to all North Americans come this September! A bit later than usual, truth be told, but who cares? There's always room out there for a flick like T&DvE, and if you don't believe me, go talk to any other film critic / blogger / geek who caught the film while it did the festival runs.

Starring Alan Tudyk (Serenity), Tyler Labine (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), and the luminous Katrina Bowden (30 Rock), Tucker & Dale is about a group of goofy teenagers who are convinced that two local bumpkins are trying to kill them -- while those two local bumpkins are absolutely convinced that the teens are trying to murder them! It's sort of like an episode of Three's Company mixed with some very clever observations about the always-popular slasher sub-genre. Congratulations to Magnet for acquiring a great little crowd-pleaser. (My review from Sundance 2010 can be thoroughly enjoyed right here at FEARnet.) 

(Thanks to Shock Til You Drop for the heads-up!)

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