'Tucker and Dale vs. Evil 2'! One of the Best Horror Comedies Around Is Getting a Sequel

'Tucker and Dale vs. Evil 2'! One of the Best Horror Comedies Around Is Getting a Sequel

Mar 26, 2014

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Get ready for a return trip to a cabin in the woods as one of horror cinema’s most recent cult classics is getting a sequel. That’s right – Tucker and Dale vs. Evil 2 is in development!

The original film found Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk playing a couple of good-natured rednecks who become embroiled in some hilariously gory hijinks when a group of young adults mistake them for cannibalistic backwoods murderers. Now, it appears that the duo will be reprising their roles in a sequel – so the blood and laughs can’t be far behind.

The duo revealed the good news at last weekend’s Horrorhound convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. Labine and Tudyk have long been in favor of making a sequel to the first film, but feared they’d never get the opportunity. That changed when they received an e-mail from the producers.

“We have an outline, we’re honing in on who we want to write it, we really want to make another one.”

If producers are on the project, there’s a good chance we’ll actually get the sequel at some point in the future.

Given that the e-mail states they haven’t yet found a writer, it could be a while before we all sit down to get reacquainted with Tucker and Dale. Just knowing that the project is alive and being developed is enough to get me excited, though.

As for Tudyk and Labine, they sound excited too – but they’re also dedicated to protecting the legacy of the first film. “We’ll never make a s**tty sequel,” Labine tells the audience. Let’s hope not…

You can see the official announcement in this clip of the panel from Horrorhound below. Expect more details on Tucker and Dale’s latest as it works its way through development. [via /Film]





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