Try Not to Let This Amazing Ellen Ripley Sculpture Freak You Out

Try Not to Let This Amazing Ellen Ripley Sculpture Freak You Out

Oct 22, 2012

Artist Steve Scotts is an incredible portrait sculptor who has been inspired by cinema and brings characters from your favorite films back to life. As Scotts puts it on his Facebook page, " …There is no better way of immortalising legends than with this traditional art. Sure, there are advances in technology that allow us to copy and paste from nature now, but you can’t scan somebody’s head from 20 years ago. And with each small step of the process, you need a trained artistic eye or you will never capture the soul." We couldn't agree more and were mightily impressed when we spotted Scotts' hyper-realistic bust of Ellen Ripley circa Aliens. Every detail is amazingly accurate, right down to her expression and her signature tank top. We keep expecting her to stand up and shout, "Get away from her, you b*tch!"

Scotts has also sculpted a 1980s Arnold Schwarzenegger, which he indicates is one of his earlier efforts and has some mistakes. There are some slight variations from the real Arnold, but overall it's still a seriously impressive piece. We've shared the pictures below. Visit Scotts Behance portfolio for more great work.






[Spotted via Empire]

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