Tron Trailer, Captain America Casting News, a Total Eclipse and...Showgirl?

Tron Trailer, Captain America Casting News, a Total Eclipse and...Showgirl?

Mar 12, 2010

  •  Tron-tastic! Tron Legacy isn’t coming out until December, but Disney released a teaser trailer for it with Alice in Wonderland and it’s online now. All there is to say is Oh. Hell. Yes.
  •  Total Eclipse After the internet threatened to quit and walk away under the weight of a million Twihards watching the 10 second teaser for Eclipse, the 1-1/2 minute real teaser trailer is out now.
  •  Ready for Red Skull They’re finally getting somewhere with the elusive Captain America casting. Word is Hugo Weaving is in final talks to play the character’s U.S.-hating archenemy Red Skull. Genius casting when you think how the guy was so good behind the makeup and mask in the Lord of the Rings movies and V for Vendetta, and the only reason to watch those god-awful Matrix sequels.
  •  Freaky Guy-day Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds will be the latest to star in one of those body-switching comedies, this one called The Change-Up, from The Hangover writers. One can only hope it lives up to such gems as 13 Going on 30 and The Hot Chick.
  • Let the Battle Begin Avatar director James Cameron is pitting his two epic blockbusters against one another at the box office in the next few years. First Avatar will get a re-release in 3D theaters later this summer with 40 minutes of unseen material. Then, be on the lookout for a 3D version of Titanic in 2012.
  •  Heard Through the Apevine The two-year-old Planet of the Apes prequel project, dubiously titled Caesar: Rise of the Apes, finally has a director after writer/director Scott Frank left the project: Rupert Wyatt. Who? Well, at least it isn’t Tim Burton.
  •  ”Showgirls Is My Yentl” That’s an actual quote from the woman who played Penny Slot/Hope in the camp classic Showgirls, who has her own plans to make the follow-up Showgirl, complete with a teaser trailer she directed. Though she claims to have some of the original cast joining her, my guess is this won’t get released anywhere but her living room.

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