See One Dad's Hilariously Awful 'TRON'-inspired Prank on His Daughter

See One Dad's Hilariously Awful 'TRON'-inspired Prank on His Daughter

Aug 19, 2013

Movie nerds who are also parents often go to great lengths to share their love of the cinema with their children from a very young age. Some moms and dads schedule out lists of films to show their children in order to make sure they watch certain movies at specific times in their lives, and then others have a little more fun with the whole thing. Like this dad, whose daughter was so freaked out after watching TRON that she had a nightmare where her father got sucked into their computer.

So, if you're her father, naturally you want to comfort her by telling the kid she has nothing to worry about -- that people can't get sucked into computers. That the world of TRON is completely fictional, and that TRON: Legacy kinda sucks.

Or you can scar her for life by mocking up images of yourself trapped inside the computer and then leaving them on the kitchen table for her to discover in the morning.

The dude who set this up has promised video of his poor daughter discovering it all. When that arrives online we'll make sure to bring it to you, cause what's more adorable than a little girl freaking out after her dad goes full TRON on her? 


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