Watch This: 'Tron' Church

Watch This: 'Tron' Church

Jul 21, 2011

The best of Tron: Legacy is transformed into a church sermon series by the folks at, who look to various films to help spread the gospel as part of their "At the Movies" program. Scripture is combined with clips and props from popular movies, and one church campus transformed their lobby into a scene from Tron as a way to encourage attendance, which dwindles during the summer months.

Last year chose to recreate Andy's room from Toy Story 3, but Pastor Jason Robinson was a fan of the original Tron starring Jeff Bridges and decided to go with Flynn's Arcade and the glow-in-the-dark videogame grid instead. The whole setup was made with foam, tape, and lots of love – taking about 200 volunteers to create over a span of several days. Crowds can't seem to get enough of it.

Pastor Brian Bruss' explanation about the magic of the "At the Movies" program proves that the language of cinema is universal, no matter what gods you pray to (even Cthulhu): "Movies are so huge in our culture, I think we've just tapped into something that people can identify with. It's something that's different from a lot of churches." Check out more from the Tron church in the video below.

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