Hollywood Hires Screenwriters for TMNT, Daredevil and Tron 3

Hollywood Hires Screenwriters for TMNT, Daredevil and Tron 3

Jun 08, 2011

Last week’s employment report released by the government may have been pretty dismal, but Hollywood is already hard at work making sure June’s job numbers top last month’s by hiring four writers for various big name projects yesterday. You can almost feel the economy improving…

Everyone’s favorite heroes in a halfshell, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, are set to get the reboot treatment over at Platinum Dunes, where Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller are producing. The production team has turned to Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec to revitalize the once popular franchise. The duo came to prominence thanks to their work on Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, and have just completed a rewrite on Louis Leterrier’s Now You See Me. No word on what direction an Applebaum and Nemec script of TMNT might take, but since Bay is involved, it’s easy to imagine a credo of “create lots of moments for slow-mo explosions and scenes where the camera can leer at whatever starlet we hire to play April O’Neil” being part of the early story meetings.

Comic book movies may be all the rage these days, but there was a time when the idea of a major star running around in fancy tights didn’t automatically guarantee a huge opening weekend. Marvel and Fox learned this with 2003’s Daredevil. Ben Affleck played blind attorney-slash-superhero Matt Murdock in the adaptation of the popular comic, and while the film did respectable business it never managed to become a franchise. It did spawn a spinoff in Electra, but the less said about that, the better.

Now that X-Men: First Class has convinced Fox that comic films are still viable, they’re eager to bring the “Man Without Fear” back to the big screen. The first step in this process is hiring Fringe scribe Brad Caleb Kane to pen the screenplay. Kane should be a perfect fit for the film, which is planning to adapt Frank Miller’s Born Again story arc from the comic – one of the best Daredevil tales and one of Marvel’s best comic stories in general. In Born Again, Kingpin uncovers Daredevil’s real identity and sets about destroying the hero. Murdock hits rock bottom and loses everything (including his sanity for a spell) before he realizes it’s not just a string of bad luck ruining his life, but the nefarious mobster himself. Hopefully, Kane and Fox can erase the memories of Affleck in a skintight red outfit from our memories and make Daredevil as cool as he is in the comics.

Finally, Eight Below writer David Digilio landed not one, but two, new gigs. The screenwriter sold a pitch for a postapocalyptic series entitled Last H.O.P.E. to Showtime recently, and he’s landed the job of writing the screenplay for Tron 3.

Last year’s Tron Legacy earned a reaction best described as “mixed,” but did pull in $400 million globally – making The House of Mouse interested in testing the waters for a third film. Tron 3 isn’t a set-in-stone project yet, as THR speculates that film’s greenlighting may ultimately depend on the performance of the animated Tron Uprising, due to debut next year.

Digilio steps in for writers Adam Horowitz and Adam Kitsis, who are preoccupied with their new fairy tale television series, Once Upon a Time

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