First 'Trolls' Trailer Wants You to Find Your Happy Place

First 'Trolls' Trailer Wants You to Find Your Happy Place

Jun 29, 2016

Remember troll dolls, those humanoid pieces of molded plastic with heads of wispy, vibrant hair that had a permanent grin slapped on their face? If you don't, you were probably born after the late '90s, which is when the knickknacks experienced their last big wave of popularity. But now, as with all things '80s and '90s, they're coming back! And this time they're bringing an entire movie with them.

DreamWorks Animation, makers of Home and How To Train Your Dragon, are the studio behind Trolls and they just released a first trailer for it. It features a frumpy troll voiced by Justin Timberlake, a peppy one voiced by Anna Kendrick, and then a bunch of other familiar singers and actors lending their voices to a batch of magical trolls on the run from a larger magical troll. 

Check it out.

Trolls hits theaters on November 4, 2016.

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