The Best Horror Anthology of the 2000s Is Finally Getting a Sequel

The Best Horror Anthology of the 2000s Is Finally Getting a Sequel

Oct 29, 2013

The horror anthology Trick 'r Treat is a poster child for what the studio system so often gets wrong. Michael Dougherty wrote the script in the year 2000, but he couldn't get it made. The reason? Not only was it an anthology, and those weren't popular anymore, but it had vampires, werewolves and zombies in it. Back then studios thought all those classic horror movie icons were played out and no one cared about them anymore. Good call, Hollywood.

Dougherty spent the intervening years working on movies like X2 and Superman Returns, until 2007 when he was finally able to convince a studio that it is possible to make a good horror movie with vampires, werewolves and zombies in it. And even then, the finished film sat on a shelf for another two years because Warner Bros. looked at it and apparently could not figure out what to do with a horror movie that had vampires, werewolves and zombies in it. So the studio folks dropped it straight to DVD, washed their hands and walked away (and then saw shows like True Blood and The Walking Dead become monster hits and hopefully wept inside).

Fans didn't walk away, though. Horror lovers flocked to Trick 'r Treat like moths to a glorious, blood-soaked flame. In no time it became a widely loved film that gets talked about every single Halloween without fail. And yet Warner Bros. still didn't care enough about the movie to green light a sequel, even though it was perfect for one and the fan base was clearly still there. Well, it's a good thing Warner Bros. is out of the equation, because now we're finally getting Trick 'r Treat 2.

Legendary Pictures, the company behind Man of Steel and Pacific Rim, has kept its eye on Trick 'r Treat this entire time, and it finally pulled the trigger on a sequel. And since Legendary now has an exclusive distribution deal with Universal Pictures instead of Warner Bros., the chances are much better that horror fans will actually get to see this thing in a movie theater in the not-too-distant future*.

However, before you start drawing a sack-faced demon child on your calendar for next Halloween, you should know that Dougherty told Entertainment Weekly that he doesn't have a script ready yet. He has plenty of ideas for what to do with Sam, the unofficial spirit of Halloween who punishes those who break the sacred rules of trick or treating, but is only now writing the script since the film is official. So, don't expect Trick 'r Treat 2 to hit theaters on October 2014, but hopefully 2015 is in the cards.

*Unless some dastardly contract clause means Warner Bros. still gets to release it, but let's just be optimistic for now.






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