Watch: 'The Trick Is the Treat' Is Like Taking Halloween Ecstasy

Watch: 'The Trick Is the Treat' Is Like Taking Halloween Ecstasy

Oct 31, 2013

The Trick Is the Treat may just be the most Halloween-y thing you see today, and that's saying something considering how many people plan to watch movies like Halloween and Trick 'r Treat this fine, spook-filled night.

It's not that it's a scary short film. In fact, it's not scary at all, which is actually kind of surprising since it was created by Graham Reznick, the brilliant sound designer responsible for every creaky floorboard, ominous bump in the dark, and spine-tingling sound in movies like The House of the Devil, Stake Land, I Sell the DeadThe Innkeepers and I Can See You . It is, however, a total love letter to the spirit of Halloween. It's a tribute to the way this night continues to swirl around in people's minds; the macabre and the candy, and the sights and the sounds, all dancing together until they're so intertwined you can't separate any one element of the night from the other. It's beautiful, really.

Make sure you watch it in full screen, and if you've got headphones, slap 'em on for the most hypnotic experience possible.

Oh, and if you can't quite place the soothing voice behind it all, that's Angus Scrimm, aka the Tall Man from the Phantasm series. Thanks to Shock Till You Drop for the embed.





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