Tribeca Festival Juries Award ‘War Witch,’ ‘Una Noche’ ‘The World Before Her,’ and ‘Wavumba’ (Plus Watch the Trailers)

Tribeca Festival Juries Award ‘War Witch,’ ‘Una Noche’ ‘The World Before Her,’ and ‘Wavumba’ (Plus Watch the Trailers)

Apr 27, 2012

War Witch

Jury awards for the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival were handed out in a ceremony last night, with the top prizes going to War Witch (pictured above), The World Before Her, Una Noche, and Wavumba.

In the World Narrative Competition category, War Witch won the Best Narrative Feature prize, while Rachel Mwanza was recognized as Best Actress for her debut performance. Mwanza plays a teenage girl kidnapped to become a soldier. Director Kim Nguyen shot the film entirely in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Una Noche, directed by Lucy Mulloy, received awards for Best Cinematography, Best New Director, and Best Actor, a prize shared by Javier Nunez Florian and Dariel Arrechada. The film examines a day in the life of two impoverished Cuban teens who must decide how badly they want to flee the country. Earlier in the week, Nunez Florian and another actor in the film disappeared in Florida while en route to the Tribeca premiere. It is believed that they planned to defect to the U.S. on the trip. (Our own Jenni Miller has further thoughts on the film.)

In the World Documentary Competition category, The World Before Her was awarded the Best Documentary prize. Directed by Nisha Pahuja, the film compares and contrasts the lot of women in India, some of whom compete in the Miss India beauty pageant, while others train in a Hindu fundamentalist camp.

Tali Halter Shenkar received the Best Editing award for The Flat, which documents director Arnon Goldfinger’s task of cleaning out decades worth of possessions in his grandmother’s home after she dies, revealing long-buried family secrets.

Jeroen van Velzen was recognized as Best New Director for Wavumba, the real-life tale of a legendary fisherman in Kenya. (Our own Daniel Walber covered both documentaries, as well as others, in his report last week.)

Check the festival’s official site for a complete list of winners.

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