Tribeca in 60 Seconds: De Niro and Apatow Talk, an Indian Beauty Pageant, Drive-In 'Jaws,' and Online Viewing

Tribeca in 60 Seconds: De Niro and Apatow Talk, an Indian Beauty Pageant, Drive-In 'Jaws,' and Online Viewing

Apr 20, 2012

The World Before Her

The world premiere of The Five-Year Engagement may have kicked off the 10th Tribeca Film Festival proper on Wednesday night, but yesterday was the first full day of screenings -- and it was a busy one!

More Opening Nights: For the first time, the festival decided to highlight their narrative and documentary competitions by designating two films as opening night presentations for their respective section. The World Before Her (pictured above) served as the opening night film for the documentary feature competition. Directed by Nisha Pahuja, the documentary considers the contradictions in contemporary India by following contestants in the Miss India pageant and the leader of a camp where women are trained in a Hindu fundamentalist movement.

For the narrative feature competition, Eytan Fox’s Yossi, a drama from Israel, received that honor. It’s a sequel to 2002’s Yossi and Jagger, this time focusing on the title character’s solitary existence as a closeted gay man in Tel Aviv.

Movie Panel: Universal Studios is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, which was reason enough to bring Robert De Niro and Judd Apatow together to talk about some of their favorite movie moments. (Meryl Streep, who was originally scheduled to join them, wasn't able to make it.)

The unlikely duo enjoyed “a wide-ranging, freewheeling chat,” according to a lively report at Movieline (see our report at the link above). De Niro said that the script for Midnight Run 2 currently revolves around the son of the character played by Charles Grodin in the original; De Niro also spoke about his long-held belief that he could do comedy, citing the “funny things” in Taxi Driver and Mean Streets.

Meanwhile, Apatow talked about the importance of a Cape Fear parody he did with Ben Stiller, the reaction to Funny People, and a potential sequel to Bridesmaids -- he thinks everyone is too exhausted to think about it after the five-year long effort to make the movie -- among other topics.

Drive-in Jaws: They call it the Tribeca Drive-In, which is silly since no vehicles are permitted, but, hey, who cares about names when you can watch Jaws for free, outdoors in The World Financial Center Plaza?

The outdoor screenings have become a tradition for the festival and draw throngs of city-dwellers who come early to soak up the atmosphere, listen to live music, and enjoy the spectacle of watching a movie admidst skyscrapers.

The Goonies screens there tonight, and the documentary Knuckleball will have its world premiere outdoors on Saturday night.

Online Viewing: Four features, 14 short films, and selected events are being made available via the Tribeca Online Film Festival. The panel with De Niro and Apatow, for example, was streamed live yesterday. Registration is free.

The shorts include work directed by Edward Burns, Neil La Bute, Nelson George, and Jessica Yu. Premiere dates vary; check the official site for more information.

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