Will These Home-Theater Chairs Change the Way You Watch Movies in Your Living Room?

Will These Home-Theater Chairs Change the Way You Watch Movies in Your Living Room?

Oct 02, 2013

Tremor FX vibrating theater chairTech company TremorFX is taking a page from the William Castle playbook -- notably from his promotion for the  film The Tingler -- and is set to reveal a new home theater seat that rumbles in sync with the action happening on your favorite DVDs and television shows.

The company has made similar chairs for theater chains for some time, but is now bringing all those good vibrations home with the debut of a new model designed solely for personal use. The company plans to unveil the new chair at the CEDIA Expo in Denver this weekend.

The chairs work by implementing a wireless device that reads the action happening with your home entertainment and then responds accordingly. So, when something explodes, the chair responds. I hate to think of how jarring this could be while watching a Michael Bay movie, but it should work nicely with a good surround sound system, though.

The TremorFX home theater chairs are currently available for purchase. If you'd like to know more about how they work, check out the video below. The company hasn't revealed a price yet, but if you're in the market and want to make a purchase, you can inquire about the cost by e-mailing the company directly at contact@tremorfx.com.

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