A 'Pacific Rim' Sequel Is Already Being Written

A 'Pacific Rim' Sequel Is Already Being Written

Dec 04, 2012

Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim isn’t due out until July 12, 2013, but it’s never too soon to start thinking sequel.

Legendary Pictures, the studio behind the “giant robots vs. giant monsters” flick has already commissioned Travis Beachem to commence work on a script for a sequel. We’d guess that means Legendary is convinced they’re going to have a big hit on their hands next summer.

Beachem wrote the initial treatment for Pacific Rim, which was picked up at Legendary and eventually wound up on del Toro’s radar after his version of At the Mountains of Madness fell apart. It’s too soon to tell if del Toro will return to direct – he just announced the horror film Crimson Peak as his next project yesterday – but he will be working alongside Beachem on the script.

As THR points out, starting work on sequels before a film is released is a new trend in Hollywood. Studios usually prefer to wait to see opening weekend box office before greenlighting a second film, but with projects now taking longer to develop and the detailed information gleaned from focus testing and prescreenings, they’ve become more willing to move sooner rather than later.

We don’t expect to hear a whole lot about this sequel anytime soon, though – now that the announcement’s out, we’re assuming Legendary will be back to promoting the first film’s July release so that it does well enough to warrant that follow-up.  


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