Update: 'Transformers 4' Is Officially the 'Age of Extinction;' First Poster Practically Confirms Dinobots

Update: 'Transformers 4' Is Officially the 'Age of Extinction;' First Poster Practically Confirms Dinobots

Sep 03, 2013

Update 9/3/2013: Today Paramount released the first poster for Transformers 4, and in the process unveiled the official title of the movie: Transformers: Age of Extinction. And as if that subtitle alone didn't make the inclusion of the often-rumored Dinobots obvious enough, the buried fossils design definitely pushes it over the top.

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Though we've already gotten looks at some of the vehicles in Transformers 4, above is the first official production photo of the human side of the film. And you may notice something a little curious about its framing. Those two guys off to the side? Actors Jack Reynor, looking on with admiration, and Mark Wahlberg, looking like he really wishes he wasn't carrying that messenger bag. The guy in the middle with his hands on his hips, chest thrust slightly out, and invisible cape billowing behind him is Michael Bay.

Yes, Michael Bay is the real star of Transformers 4.

And, honestly, why shouldn't he be? Sure, Wahlberg and Reynor may be the male leads, but really, is anyone going to go see Transformers 4 because it's the new Mark Wahlberg jam? No. They're going to go see it because it's a new Michael Bay movie. They're going to go see it because of all the low angles and sweeping vistas and beautiful women and bucolic clouds and fast cars and big robots go boom--and those are all things that Bay magically brings to the table. Even his on-set photographs look like they belong in nothing but a Michael Bay movie.

Regarding the context of the shot, that will have to wait a little longer (June 27, 2014 to be precise). We do know it takes place four years after the last film, and that Wahlberg plays a single dad who is also an inventor and somehow ends up at the center of all the Transformers action. As for what that big, pointy, alien thing behind them is, we don't know, but maybe it's a Dinobot's tooth.



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