Will 'Transformers 4' Mark Michael Bay's First Movie with a Female Lead?

Will 'Transformers 4' Mark Michael Bay's First Movie with a Female Lead?

Oct 17, 2012

SpoilerTV has gifted (or cursed) us with a character breakdown (via Moviehole) for the upcoming Transformers 4. Yes, if you haven't tired of sexplosions and robot-crushing good times, there is an untitled part four in Michael Bay's series about alien robots that transform into talking humanoids and killing machines. According to the website, Bay may be presenting a female lead in his new action film. "The new female lead that they are looking for is a high school senior and her boyfriend a Texas racing driver," SpoilerTV advised. 
Former star Shia LaBeouf has been pretty adamant about wanting to quit the franchise for some time now, so it's no shocker where the lack of character Sam Witwicky is concerned. The fact that Bay would put a woman front and center (without a male co-lead and hopefully wearing something resembling clothing) is a surprise. Does this mean Bay is making a family-friendly movie? Can he function without a supermodel accenting the carnage?
We dug through Bay's filmography to find a movie with a female lead, but came up short. All the movies are co-led and the closest he probably comes is The Island starring Scarlett Johansson — who actually plays a clone of a supermodel, and has all kinds of creepy subtext it's way too early to get into. Even the short tidbit about Transformers 4 mentions a boyfriend by this high schooler's side. We suppose we can't count his video documentary about 1990 Playboy Playmate Kerri Kendall as a female-led film, but yeah, it makes a whole lot of sense.
Let us know if you think Bay's new direction is smart — including girls in on the splosions with a bit of an edge on the guys — or if he'll risk alienating the horny teen boy audience that the director's blockbusters target like gangbusters. Transformers 4 is due in theaters on June 27.

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