Mark Wahlberg's Reaction to 'Transformers 4' Dinobots Rumors Isn't Very Convincing

Mark Wahlberg's Reaction to 'Transformers 4' Dinobots Rumors Isn't Very Convincing

Jul 31, 2013

Audiences are only going to be interested in cars turning into robots and fighting other cars who turn into robots for so long. That's why it made a bit of sense when reports from a marketing event earlier this year started the rumors that Transformers 4 would be bringing the series' Dinobots into the equation. Michael Bay's latest mastersplosionpiece is supposed to be a bit of a reboot for the series, replacing lead Shia LaBeouf with Mark Wahlberg. It's only natural that they'd give a bit of an upgrade to the robots as well.

The inclusion of Dinobots in the new film is still just a rumor, though. That didn't stop MTV's Josh Horowitz from asking Mark Wahlberg about them, though, and judging from the actor's amusingly defensive response, there may indeed be some truth to them. He plays it coy with his actual answer, but the body language here is pretty telling. Watch the clip below to see for yourself:

So far the evidence is pretty compelling. Even if Wahlberg didn't squirm when asked (and who really believes he'd know what a Dinobot was otherwise?), it makes sense from a practical standpoint. Not only does adding Dinobots to the live-action series give the film a nice dividing line between the first trilogy, but it also refreshes the toylines as well. It's much easier for a parent to say no to buying their kid a new toy because they've already got a bunch of transforming cars. If the kid can counter with, "But mom, this isn't a car, it's a dinosaur!" it's going to lead to more (reluctant) sales.

it would also be fitting with Hollywood's apparently renewed interested in giant reptiles (robotic or not). Pacific Rim's monsters were basically giant dinosaurs, and next year's Godzilla will definitely be playing in that ballpark. And then there's the delayed (but still happening) Jurassic Park 4, which will absolutely be breaking out some dino action. It will be no big surprise to see them crop up in Transformers 4 as well-- they were already a fixture of the most recent game Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (that's where the art above comes from).

Does the possibility of Dinobots getting reborn in Transformers 4 have you a bit more interested in yet another Transformers movie? Or is it too little too late?


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