Trailers: 'The Skin I Live In', 'Apollo 18', and 'The Hunger Games' With Director Commentary

Trailers: 'The Skin I Live In', 'Apollo 18', and 'The Hunger Games' With Director Commentary

Aug 30, 2011

Behind on your movie trailer viewing? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with three of the hottest new clips currently making the rounds on the Internet.

First up, Dimension has revealed another new trailer for their faux documentary sci-fi horror flick Apollo 18. The film, which opens nationwide this Friday, is about the last Apollo moon mission – one the government has been keeping secret for decades because the astronauts found some troubling things on the lunar surface. The new trailer is intense, and reveals more details about what exactly is happening on the moon (one of the spacemen comes down with some kind of wicked looking infection). We’re particularly intrigued by a critic’s blurb that the “last ten minutes will go down in movie history.” Given the creative license taken with pull quotes these days, we’re hoping the reviewer wasn’t saying the end of the film would be memorable because it’s terrible – but that’s always a possibility.

Trying to describe the plot of Pedro Almodovar’s latest cinematic treat, The Skin I Live In, is no easy task. The director has described it as “a horror story without screams or frights,” and this new trailer seems to support that assumption. Antonio Banderas stars as a doctor who has succeed in creating a new type of skin that cannot burn. Unfortunately, despite his claims that he’s only testing it on mice, the doctor has a young woman who he’s holding captive at his isolated estate/laboratory. That’s just the tip of the iceberg for the film, which twists and turns and features a large cast of characters – almost all of them hiding dark secrets. Loosely inspired by Georges Franju’s classic Eyes Without a Face, the film is set to debut here in America on October 14th. Have a gander at the new trailer and see what you think.

While Beyonce’s impending motherhood was the biggest story to come out of MTV’s VMAs, the debut of the first teaser trailer for The Hunger Games was probably a close second – and now, MTV has been kind enough to get director Gary Ross to do an impromptu audio commentary track for the first look at one of 2012’s most anticipated releases. We’ll not spoil what Ross has to say about the film here (watch it for yourself!), but the filmmaker does address some of the fan concerns that popped up in the wake of the teaser’s debut. Let’s cut the guy some slack here – it’s a teaser. He’s still shooting the movie. Settle down, Internet. We’ll get to see if Ross’ vision of Katniss’ adventure lives up to its literary inspiration when The Hunger Games hits theaters next March.

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