Trailers: 'Celeste & Jesse Forever,' 'Hotel Transylvania,' 'Klown,' 'TMNT' and More

Trailers: 'Celeste & Jesse Forever,' 'Hotel Transylvania,' 'Klown,' 'TMNT' and More

Jun 21, 2012

Thursdays are usually a big day for trailer releases, and today is no different. We've already brought you new trailers for Taken 2 and Dredd, and here are some more for you to devour on that next 15-minute work break.

Celeste and Jesse Forever (read our Sundance review)

This charming dramedy out of Sundance stars Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg as a couple who break up and remain best friends, much to the dismay of their buddies. Their friendship is tested, however, as their lives begin to veer off in different directions. [August 3rd, limited]

Hotel Transylvania

Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg team up again, only this time it's an animated adventure about a more family-friendly version of Dracula who runs his own high-end resort for monsters. [Release: September 21st]


Drafthouse Films' next release is said to be one of the funniest films of the year. We trust they're right. [Release: July 27th, limited]


Here's a trailer for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles television show on Nickelodeon. [Release: On Nickelodeon this fall]


A doc from celebrity photographer Kevin Mazur examining the behind-the-scenes world of the paparazzi featuring folks like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Elton John. [Release: TBD]

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