Trailer Round-Up: New Clips for 'Iron Lady', 'Being Flynn', and 'The Sitter'

Trailer Round-Up: New Clips for 'Iron Lady', 'Being Flynn', and 'The Sitter'

Nov 16, 2011

De Niro in Being FlynnIf you’re looking for trailers, you’ve come to the right place – we’ve got new clips today for several big new releases, so read on for the hottest new previews.

Say what you will about Robert De Niro, but even though the legendary actor has made some very questionable films over the past few years, there’s no denying the man can act. He seems set to remind us of that in this new clip for the autobiographical film Being Flynn, where he co-stars with Paul Dano.

The movie, which is based on Nick Flynn’s memoir Another Bullsh*t Night in Suck City, finds Dano’s Flynn reconnecting with his absentee father (who’s convinced he’s going to become a great American writer) after he takes a job at a homeless shelter and his dad wanders in looking for a place to sleep.

All in all, we like the trailer. It seems to hit all the “coming of age without a father” notes on the money, but those stories are still pretty compelling. Plus Being Flynn has a great cast going for it-- Dano and De Niro are joined by Julianne Moore, so the acting should be excellent.

If you’re dying to spend some time Being Flynn, you’ll get your wish sometime next year.

We weren’t quite sure what to make of the first teaser for The Iron Lady, the bio-pic chronicling the life of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Meryl Streep does a really good Thatcher impersonation, but something about it just seemed…off.

Now that the official British trailer for the film has debuted, we can happily report that things look much better. Streep guns for another Oscar nod in the film, which appears to attempt to present Thatcher as both a hard-edged political leader who fought for what she believed in and a woman who had a family.

We’ll see if she can pull it off when The Iron Lady debuts on December 16th. [via /Film]

If you find yourself longing for the days when Jonah Hill wasn’t quite so svelte, then this trailer for his upcoming comedy The Sitter should be a pleasant dose of nostalgia.

Hill stars as the worst babysitter in history in Pineapple Express director David Gordon Green’s R-rated comedy. Think of it as Adventures in Babysitting with a hard R rating and you get the idea.

The new red band trailer for the film is filled to the brim with F-bombs, but it’s also pretty funny – if you’re okay with the idea of a babysitter taking kids to buy cocaine and into bars. While we’d never support doing that in real life, it’s pretty funny in a movie. Keep your eyes peeled for a cameo from Wu Tang Clan member Method Man. We also love that the film seems to use M.O.P.’s Ante Up a lot – except that we now think of the Bert and Ernie lip synch video every time we hear it…

The Sitter takes control of your local multiplex on November 9th.  [via IGN]

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