Trailer Drop: 'You Can't Kill Stephen King,' 'Prometheus,' the Latest from the Director of 'Eternal Sunshine' and More

Trailer Drop: 'You Can't Kill Stephen King,' 'Prometheus,' the Latest from the Director of 'Eternal Sunshine' and More

May 15, 2012

Quite a few trailers have hit the web today, so to make things easy we've gathered them all together for easy digestion.

First up is the trailer for You Can't Kill Stephen King, which looks like an even lower-budget mash-up of the very fun Tucker & Dale vs Evil and the less fun My Name is Bruce. It's not exactly the most inspired offering in today's Trailer Drop, but its self-depricating sense of humor and shameless grab for the attention of King fans is mildly amusing, mainly in an 'I'd stream that on Netflix when I'm bored' kind of way. [via Twitch]

Warning: contains a few possibly NSFW shots.

From the forced mediocrity of straight-to-video horror we go to the always-inspired world of Michel Gondry. The We and the I is the name of the latest from the director of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Green Hornet, and while this film about high school graduates riding the bus for the last time doesn't look quite as stylish as the latter two films, it looks to have all the heart and richness of character fans have come to expect from Gondry. The film has no US release date yet, but will premiere at Cannes in a matter of days. [via FirstShowing]

Next up is the latest from Quentin Dupieux, best known in the film world for Rubber, the film about a killer tire. It's called Wrong Cops, stars Marilyn Manson (yes, that Marilyn Manson), and will premiere in part at the Cannes film festival. [via The Film Stage]

And now we back away from the Cannes films to take a look at a film we'll all be able to soon see: Ridley Scott's Prometheus. To be perfectly honest, I refuse to watch the below trailer purely because I've grown increasingly paranoid of having the marketing reveal too much. That doesn't mean the below trailer contains spoilers, but if, like me, you're already sold on the film, why risk it? If you're for some reason not yet sold on this prequel to Alien, by all means, have at it. [via CBM]

From Ridley Scott's latest sci-fi opus we turn our trailer gaze to the English-language version of A Cat in Paris. If that name sounds familiar, that's because it was nominated for the Oscar for Best Animated Film this year. Angelica Huston, Marcia Gay Harden, and Matthew Modine all lend their voices to this dubbed version of it, which will begin a limited release on June 1st.

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are an adorable, real life couple. I'm not sure that translates into instant box office success (it didn't for When in Rome), but they're surely hoping it well, as the pair have an attached introduction on the trailer for their latest team-up, the crime-on-the-run comedy Hit And Run. The film also features Tom Arnold, Kristen Chenoweth, Michael Rosenbaum, and Bradley Cooper wearing a ridiculous wig.

Lastly and leastly we have the trailer for Dracula 3D, which looks like an unrepentant disaster. But, it stars Rutger Hauer and is the latest film from Dario Argento, who has certainly earned enough horror cred from the likes of Suspiria, Deep Red, Tenebre and many more to warrant at least checking out the trailer.

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