Trade Up to Blu-ray on Disney's Dime

Trade Up to Blu-ray on Disney's Dime

Dec 10, 2009

Just a few weeks after Warner Bros. announced its own DVD2BLU website, Disney has launched its own upgrade incentives for DVD owners. The Disney Blu-ray Upgrade Program operates differently than Warner Bros., which requires current DVD owners to mail in their discs and some cash to get a Blu-ray in the mail. Disney does not want your old DVDs, and they won’t be mailing out Blu-rays to your homes either. Instead, DVD owners print out an upgrade form from the website and affix proof-of-purchase labels from eligible DVDs that they already own and mail them in. Disney will then e-mail a coupon good for $8 off each corresponding BD.

Right now there are 57 Disney titles listed on the site with more on the way. Some of the best movies eligible for a Blu-ray upgrade include A Bug’s Life, Bolt, Monsters Inc., the High School Musical threesome, the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, Pinocchio, Ratatouille, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Up and Wall-E. What’s odd is that some of these Blu-rays, like Snow White, already come with a DVD copy, so you’d be receiving an $8 coupon to buy the DVD twice along with the BD. Still, the trade-up concept is catching on and Blu-ray Bob hopes all the studios step up to the plate and follow Warner Bros.’s lead.

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