Off Screen: Pixar Plans New 'Toy Story' for TV in 2013

Off Screen: Pixar Plans New 'Toy Story' for TV in 2013

Jun 07, 2012

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Toy Story may be over as a film franchise, but fans of Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang can still get their fix in due time. Big Screen Animation [via Collider] picked up on a Disney merchandising listing that mentions two 22-minute TV specials are being produced for October 2013 and Spring 2014.

What these specials will be about or who is making them is still unclear at this point, though there is some evidence that they'll likely be made by Pixar's Canadian division and aired on either the Disney Channel or ABC. And that's just fine with us, because we'd much rather see the gang get back together in small doses like this than have their fantastic big screen track record hurt by unnecessary sequels. We've loved their shorts, Hawaain Vacation and Small Fry in front of Cars 2 and The Muppets respectively, so we're game for a slightly longer format.

Speaking of Hawaain Vacation and Small Fry, it was their franchise publication listing that brought the news of these two TV specials. So if you've got a little one at home, or are a rabid collector of all things Toy Story, keep your eye out for new Read-Along Storybooks of both later this year.

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