Tourists, Toys, Terrible Titles, 2012 TV and Teddies

Tourists, Toys, Terrible Titles, 2012 TV and Teddies

Nov 06, 2009

  •  Tourist Trap Casting the French spy thriller revamp The Tourist is apparently as laborious a process as traveling to France itself. Originally it starred Tom Cruise and Charlize Theron; Angelina Jolie replaced Theron, Sam Worthington replaced Cruise but dropped out, as did the director (Alfonso Cuaron may replace him). Johnny Depp is the latest to join Jolie on board. No doubt his wife is thrilled.
  •  Even More Giant Robots Are Coming Because we don’t already have enough American toys to make movies out of (I'm not talking to you, My Little Pony), Hollywood hotshot J.J. Abrams wants to produce a movie about the Japanese interchangeable action figures Micronauts, the rights to which Hasbro just bought. That sound you hear is Michael Bay shaking in his boots.
  • Gentlemen Sucking Reviews like this one: "summarized by a single shot: a close-up on a steaming pile of dog crap" got Jared Hess’s indie Gentlemen Broncos pulled unceremoniously from expanding beyond New York and L.A. this weekend. That's OK—it’ll make the nominees list when it comes to handing out the Worst Movie Title of 2009 award.
  • Rambo It Couldn’t End Fast Enough Roland Emmerich teased us by suggesting that his world-destroying 2012 would really, no really, be his last disaster movie. Instead, he wants to bring disaster to your TV screen with a series about rebuilding after 2012. Sounds like all the Emmerich melodrama, none of the Emmerich action-fun.
  • Boo...Boo... For some inexplicable reason, Yogi Bear will get the big-screen 3-D treatment with Dan Aykroyd voicing the titular teddy and Justin Timberlake voicing Boo Boo, his diminutive sarcastic sidekick. Because what’s more interesting than watching a fat 3-D cartoon bear stuff his face with sandwiches and pasta salad? What I really want to know is will they wear pants.

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