The Greatest 'Total Recall' Cosplay You'll Ever See

The Greatest 'Total Recall' Cosplay You'll Ever See

Aug 06, 2012

The problem with not setting the Total Recall remake on the planet Mars like the original is you lose a fair amount of the overall weirdness of it. For one, you can't cross-promote with the recent Mars "Curiosity" mission, which sent the largest and most advanced spacecraft ever to Mars, touching down on the Red Planet early this morning, only two days after Total Recall arrived in theaters. Secondly, you can't include our favorite character from the original 1990 film, Kuato. Ya know, the infant mutant who grows out of his adult male counterpart's stomach and leads the mutant resistance on Mars. 

Now, we're not entirely sure this guy is cosplaying as Kuato from Total Recall (either that or he's going as a man so large a baby somehow got lost in his stomach?), but even if he's not it's still the best Total Recall cosplay we've ever seen. It's almost better if he's not tying it to the character because the fact that it was unintentional would make it even greater. 

Either way, this should get your Monday off to a creepy start ... [via Buzzfeed]

And here's the original Kuato from Total Recall (1990)

And you can watch Kuato in action below ...

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