Toronto Today: Why Venus and Serena Williams Canceled Appearance, Buzz Builds for 'Hyde Park on the Hudson', More

Toronto Today: Why Venus and Serena Williams Canceled Appearance, Buzz Builds for 'Hyde Park on the Hudson', More

Sep 12, 2012

To the Wonder

People We’re Buzzing About:

Rachel McAdams showed up on the red carpet in a stunning emerald-green gown, the same color dress worn by her To the Wonder costar Olga Kurylenko. Both complimented director Terence Malick for creating a family feeling on set, though McAdams admitted he didn’t clue the cast in on any hidden meanings about their characters: “I wish Terry was here to answer that question.” [The Globe and Mail]

Elle Fanning stars in Ginger and Rosa, a coming-of-age story set in London during the 1960s, directed by Sally Potter. After the film’s screening, she wept, explaining: “I just love Sally so much. I really do, all of us, I feel we have a really deep connection.” The 14-year-old actress was later spotted in a shop, sitting in her director’s lap. [National Post ]

Venus and Serena Williams decided, at the last minute, to withdraw their support of the documentary Venus and Serena, which they authorized several years ago. Reportedly they are not happy with how their father is portrayed, and canceled their planned appearance on the red carpet. [Los Angeles Times]

Helen Hunt and William H. Macy had quips ready for the press conference after a screening of their movie The Sessions, about a sexual surrogate who helps a man confined to an iron lung. Macy observed: “I’ve never been accused of radiating empathy before,” while Hunt, asked about her comfort level with on-screen nudity, said: “I might take my clothes off right here.” [Toronto Star]

Hyde Park on the Hudson

Around the Web:

Hyde Park on the Hudson stars Bill Murray as U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a performance that has been mentioned as a possible awards contender. Murray, who was previously Oscar-nominated for Lost in Translation, said: “The wonderful thing is, an extraordinary number of people – and I'm not exaggerating – actually think I won. So I never try to say no, that's not true, I just nod my head and say you're so kind." [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

The Act of Killing, a documentary about mass killings in Indonesia, provoked a strong reaction from one critic: “At full voice I simply burst: 'What the f---?!?'" I mention this mostly because the expensively dressed, and no doubt well-behaved Englishman sitting to my left, fired back at full voice, "This is one of the most unbelievable things I've ever seen in my life." [Badass Digest]

Byzantium, a vampire drama directed by Neil Jordan, evidently focuses on “pointy” thumbnails: “They sharpen at the sight of blood, stretch at the suggestion of sex, even do the heavy-lifting when it's time to feed. There isn't an incisor in sight throughout the gurgled blood-letting of this run-of-the-mill modern gothic thriler.” [The Guardian]

Midnight Madness, the festival section that is well-known for showcasing the bizarre and the bloody, continues to draw sell-out crowds for films such as The Lords of Salem, which features “lots of naked witches worshiping goats,” according to director Rob Zombie. A reporter noted: “This program is likely the only one at the festival where ambitious killing scenes elicit strong cheers from the audience.” [New York Times]

Spring Breakers

My Own Private Toronto:

Twitter continues to provide a fascinating public peek into the private lives of festival attendees. (Hint: It’s not all about the movies.)

repT.O ‏@repTdotO
So Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez just walked into my brothers apartment on KingWest!!! met his driver in the lobby! #TIFF12

Mark Olsen ‏@IndieFocus
"I know you...We went to high school together." Rachel McAdams to questioner in PASSION Q&A. #tiff12 #OscarsLAT

Tom Hiddleston ‏@twhiddleston
@mcgregor_ewan Ewan, I am so looking forward to seeing #TheImpossible. The trailer looks absolutely amazing. Hope #TIFF12 is fun!

Jason Belleville ‏@bigbelleville
#TIFF comes from the Greek word, meaning "to party in a narrow bar without actual filmmakers"

Spotted: Adrian Grenier taking a pair of XS ladies panties from a #TIFF gifting lounge. I assume they are for me.

Scott Tobias ‏@scott_tobias
The smartphone problem is reaching that tipping point where people think *you're* the rude one for asking them to turn it off. #TIFF12

Doug Jones ‏@DougJones100
In a 15-sec. walk-by, somebody mistook me for someone else, set a meeting with the person I'm not & left before I could correct them #tiff12

Chris Vognar ‏@chrisvognar
De Palma spending his birthday talking to a conveyor belt of journalists. I'd probably be a little grumpy, too. #TIFF12

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