Toronto Today: Early Buzz on 'Cloud Atlas,' 'Silver Linings Playbook,' 'The Impossible' and More

Toronto Today: Early Buzz on 'Cloud Atlas,' 'Silver Linings Playbook,' 'The Impossible' and More

Sep 10, 2012

West of Memphis

People We’re Buzzing About:

Johnny Depp flew into town in support of the documentary West of Memphis, which tells the story of three young men wrongly convicted of murder and imprisoned for many years before finally gaining their release. Depp spent an evening with one of them: “We had dinner at the house — tater tots and tacos — and then, the natural course of events took place and we went straight to the tattoo parlour.” [Toronto Star]

Lana Wachowski, one-third of the filmmaking team behind Cloud Atlas, made a rare public appearance at a press conference. The writer/director, who is transgender and was known as Larry until 2002, stated: “I knew that one day I would be more public. And we had to negotiate when that would be. And this movie, which is about transcending our fear of ‘other’ in so many ways, and transcending the boundaries of ‘other’ – it seemed quite natural to do it now.” [The Globe and Mail]

Hugh Grant and Susan Sarandon were among the many stars who appeared for the premiere of Cloud Atlas. Tom Hanks and Halle Berry spoke to the press, though others declined. Hugh Grant simply ignored reporters, while Susan Sarandon pretended to be talking on her mobile phone, even though she had no phone. [The Globe and Mail]

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence walked the red carpet on Saturday night for their romantic drama Silver Linings Playbook. At a press conference for the film on Sunday morning, director David O. Rusell said he had trouble working with actors who over-prepare for their roles, prompting Lawrence to joke: “I never prepare. That’s never a problem for me.” [National Post]

Cloud Atlas

Around the Web:

Cloud Atlas: David Mitchell’s acclaimed novel was thought to be unfilmable… until now. “The standing ovation went on and on and on. Granted, the audience at the Princess of Wales theater was heavily larded with friends of the family. … But enthusiasm of this sort can’t be faked.” [New York Times via Fandor]

End of Watch: In this drama, Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena play two Los Angeles beat cops. “Another sun-blanched sweep through the hood with the writer/director [David Ayer’s] handsome, honest incarnation of the LAPD – [this]  his best work yet: an all-out sprint around a very familiar block.” [The Guardian]

The Company You Keep: A former underground activist turned family man is threatened with exposure in this dramatic thriller. Late last night, director Robert Redford appeared solo in support of the film, in which he also stars. His introduction was brief: “Look, the hour is very late and I know we all want to just see a movie. I just want to say this is a great country you have.” [Deadline]

The Impossible: Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts star in the true-life story of a family vacationing in Thailand when the deadly tsunami hit: “The Westernized point of view may strike some as problematic, but The Impossible evades that critique by way of its real-life basis. Instead, it suffers from the greater problem of emphasizing a feel-good plot within the context of mass destruction.” [Indiewire]

The Sessions

My Own Private Toronto:

Twitter continues to provide a fascinating public peek into the private lives of festival attendees. (Hint: It’s not all about the movies.)

Helen Hunt ‏@HelenHunt
Had a great time at the screening of #thesessions @ #tiff.

Josh Horowitz ‏@joshuahorowitz
Today was weird. So weird that Justin Bieber walking into our room by accident was not the weirdest thing. #TIFF

Brandon ‏@Bran987
Now after a wonderful evening of #tiff #afterpartying just got home, no sleep, and it's time to get ready to start another work week :).

Tom Charity ‏@VIFFSTER
@markadamsmirror @indiewendy Was there any #TIFF party Bill Murray didn't drop in on tonight? Quite the buzz chez Locarno's Bovine bash

Joe Leydon ‏@JoeLeydon
This either is a karaoke bar, or there is man howling in extreme pain a few feet away from me. #TIFF

Rebecca Feferman ‏@RebFef
Unbelievably beautiful sunset run along the water - highlight of #TIFF so far.

Matt Dentler ‏@MattDentler
Fratty bro in the bathroom on the phone, recalling to someone which of the four leads in "Spring Breakers" get naked. #TIFF

Stiles White ‏@StilesWhite
Yay! Reviews for movies I can't see for another two months. #tiff

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