Toronto Today: Early Buzz on 'Argo,' 'The Master,' 'Seven Psychopaths' and More

Toronto Today: Early Buzz on 'Argo,' 'The Master,' 'Seven Psychopaths' and More

Sep 08, 2012

The Place Beyond the Pines

People We’re Buzzing About:

Ryan Gosling, a Toronto native, appeared on the red carpet in support of his new drama, The Place Beyond the Pines. Reporters, however, were not successful in their efforts to talk with the actor; publicists only allowed him to smile and wave. [The Globe and Mail]

Keira Knightley and Jude Law, in town for the gala premiere of period drama Anna Karenina, talked quite a bit about the possibility that the lead character’s erratic behavior might be linked to post-partum depression. Knightley said she “went with a deeply hormonal vibe” in playing Anna. [Toronto Star]

Snoop Dog, leaning on a cane due to a football injury, explained his recent change of moniker to Snoop Lion for his new film, Reincarnated: “I’m Snoop motherf–king Dogg til I die, but when I make reggae music, I’m the Lion — however, if you disrespect me, you will get the motherf–king Dogg.” [National Post]

Kristen Stewart walked the red carpet on Thursday night for the newly reedited version of On the Road, which had its world premiere at Cannes. After changing from high heels to sneakers, she participated in a post-screening Q&A with festival director Piers Handling. Later she told a reporter: “To say that this movie opened me up in a way, sounds really obvious, but it f--king did!”  [Toronto Star]


Around the Web:

Argo, inspired by a true story, premiered officially after a sneak preview at the Telluride fest last week. The film “seems to be the consensus choice for the most awards-friendly film of the festival so far. It’s exciting, well-paced, features an impressive cast, and, best of all, it’s a true story. I could see nominations for Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, Editing and Supporting Actor for scene-stealing costars Alan Arkin and Bryan Cranston.” []

The Master, Paul Thomas Anderson's controversial drama, sold out its premiere screening, where adult tickets cost $38.27 in Canadian dollars; ticketholders waited up to two hours on the sidewalk before gaining admittance. “At least 30 or 40 customers… were seated at the back of the main floor under a balcony that cut off the top of the screen. From there, the viewing experience was about the equivalent of watching Mr. Anderson’s masterwork from beneath the overhang of the concession stand at a drive-in theater.” [New York Times]

Spring Breakers, a raunchy movie about teen girls who finance a trip to Florida by robbing a convenience store, features Disney TV star Selena Gomez. “Even if she is 20 years old, we'll be the first to admit seeing Gomez smoke a cigarette, take a hit off a bong and roll around in her underwear took a little getting used to.” [E! Online]

Seven Psychopaths, a dog-kidnapping caper starring Colin Farrell, has prompted many comparisons to films by Quentin Tarantino. “By conventional, you inevitably mean Tarantino-esque. When it's good, it jigs over many of the same buttons: witty and inventive, cracklingly obscene and sheep-dunk bracing. And it suffers some of the same short-burn as a Tarantino flick, vividly impressive at the time, but all fireworks and no Aga, a film whose parts might be more than its sum.” [The Guardian]

The Impossible

My Own Private Toronto:

Twitter provides a fascinating public peek into the private lives of festival attendees.

Packing for #TIFF12. Looking forward to seeing @FilmBayona, @SergioKikinan, Naomi and my 3 boys there! #TheImpossible.

Everyone complaining it's awful weather for #tiff12 seems to have forgotten one of the best places on a rainy day is the movies.

so out of all the movies at #TIFF my parents decided to get us tickets to Dredd 3D. and it's a matinee.

If only I can bump into Joseph Gordon Levitt :$ I'd be blessedd ... #TIFF

I just accidentally downloaded the iPhone app for the Transylvania International Film Festival. #tiff

The airline promises I will have my suitcase today. Haven't seen it since Tuesday. Hope it still recognizes me. #TIFF

And #tiff schwag bag has condoms. Or should i say SHAG bag. Toronto film fears are saucy.


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