What Toronto Film Festival Buzz Movie Are You Now Most Anticipating?

What Toronto Film Festival Buzz Movie Are You Now Most Anticipating?

Sep 16, 2012

Last week, as the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival was just beginning, I asked readers and tweeters for the movies you're most anxious to hear reaction to. Now, with the event coming to an end, it's worth looking back to see which films were met really positively, which even won audience awards, and which of these you're now suddenly highly anticipating as a result.

Certainly there has been some tremendous buzz on big titles we already knew would hit theaters. The Master, which broke records over the weekend in its initial limited release, is one of these. Another is Looper, which comes out at the end of the month and currently has a 100% Rotten Tomato approval rating. Even Cloud Atlas, which has been met with remarkably divided reviews, is still a must-see, even if just for curiosity's sake as to which side you'll fall with.

First, documentary-wise, I've noticed a ton of excitement about most of the nonfiction program in general this year. And above all of these titles, two involving heavy reeenactment material are clearly getting the most praise, or at least attention: Sarah Polley's Stories We Tell and Joshua Oppenheimer's The Act of Killing (my favorite immediate reaction to the latter comes from L.A. Weekly's Karina Longworth via her Twitter: "OFGWTFWOW"). That was already on my list, but during the fest it shot up to number one. 

As for narrative films, I hear mainly great things about Seven Psychopaths (also currently 100% on RT), Silver Linings Playbook (also currently 100% on RT), The Place Beyond the Pines (also currently 100% on RT) and At Any Price. Aside from the latter, none of these were really on my expectational radar before the start of the fest, and I doubt many people were that aware of them until the word out of Toronto this week. I also hear Oscar bells for Ben Affleck's Argo and Juan Antonio Bayana's tsunami drama, The Impossible

I'd say all those 100-percenters, as well as current high-raters on IMDb, including In the House, Mea Maxima Culpa, The Bay, Reincarnated, Passion, Thanks for Sharing, How to Make Money Selling Drugs, Byzantium, Anna Karenina and Love, Marilyn ought to be on our lists for now, though their marks could easily go down in the coming weeks as final wrap-ups are published.

But the one that looks to be doing well on each of those sites and had at least two mentions from polled Twitter followers is Seven Psychopaths, which I hereby name the TIFF12 buzz champion. 

On top of that, the film won the fest's Blackberry People's Choice Award for the Midnight Madness program (runners up are The Bay and John Dies at the End). Other winners of the TIFF audience awards include the Jared Leto-focused documentary Artifact (doc runners up are Storm Surfers 3D and Revolution) and top prize recipient Silver Linings Playbook (runners up for the whole fest are Argo and the Stephen Dorff-starred Zaytoun). Other awards can be found in the report from Indiewire


Which one film receiving postitive buzz at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival are you now most dying to see? Here some responses received so far via Twitter:










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