Your Top Three: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Movies

Your Top Three: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Movies

Jul 22, 2014

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This could be a very big week for Dwayne Johnson, aka the Rock. He's starring in the latest (since January) version of Hercules, which opens Friday, and he's expected to be (officially) announced at Comic-Con as star of a DC superhero movie, probably playing Shazam, aka Captain Marvel.

After 15 years of acting -- outside of the performances involved in being a professional wrestler, that is -- he's not always taken that seriously as a movie star. A good-luck charm for movie franchises, maybe, but ever since his weird-looking CGI feature film debut in The Mummy Returns, he's had his ups and downs as far as respectability.

Part of this is because for every interesting career choice, like The Rundown and The Other Guys and Pain and Gain, there are movies like The Tooth Fairy and The Game Plan and Doom. He's a cool addition to the Fast & Furious movies, but it's not his franchise. Neither is G.I. Joe.

If he can show us he's worthy of being next to Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in Justice League via first leading a Shazam movie, we'll not just be more interested in smelling what he's cooking. We'll eat it up.

My Top Three Dwayne Johnson Movies:

1. Beyond The Mat (1999) - I'm cheating a bit with my first pick as it's a documentary made before Johnson committed to Hollywood. He's still just playing the Rock in and out of the ring and he's not even one of the main subjects. But it's still the best feature he's ever been in, and his sequence is quite memorable, as he beats on Mankind as the latter's kids watch in tears. (I also like the doc Johnson executive produced, Racing Dreams.)


2. Fast & Furious 6 (2013) - Johnson is considered a franchise savior because he's been injected into a few of them late into their run and helped lift the spirit of the series with his undeniable charm. I don't think he's quite the reason that the Fast & Furious movies have picked up with recent installments, but he is a fine addition. And as ridiculous as the most recent release is, it's by far the most entertaining.


3. Snitch (2013) - From the same year, this is the only one of my picks to have Johnson front and center. It's also admittedly an overbearing drama about mandatory minimum sentencing from Participant Media, the company better known for issue documentaries. But I love social-problem films and think we could use more of them today. Johnson fits them pretty well, too, because he's sorta difficult to take seriously even when you really want to, just like issue-driven dramas. 


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